Information Technology

Institute of Information Technologies of University of Social Sciences offers PhD seminars in the following three specializations:

  • Applied IT
  • Expert systems
  • Complex adaptation systems

The specializations cover issues resulting from practical IT applications and latest trends observed in science across the world and can be applied in almost every field of economy, science or social life. Thus, PhD dissertations in Information Technologies may be developed by specialists in various areas.

Motivational Letter

Candidates need to prepare a description of their scientific interests (self-presentation) which consists of:

  • description of research interests,
  • justification for taking up the particular topic,
  • objectives of the dissertation,
  • research hypotheses,
  • research methods and techniques,
  • proposal for the dissertation plan,
  • literature.

Personal interview

Candidates are required to participate in a Skype interview, which is arranged with the contact person by email. The Skype interview will be based on the previously submitted self-presentation. The aim of the interview is to verify:

  • the subject of research interests,
  • candidate's predisposition to undertake studies preparing for scientific work,
  • English language competence.