The program prepares students to conduct scientific research in social sciences in management discipline. Areas offered to conduct scientific research:

  • management in finance,
  • human resources management,
  • manufacturing,
  • marketing,
  • business administration,
  • logistics.

Classes are conducted by high class professionals who are familiar with the latest trends in science. Students complete the program and prepare a PhD dissertation. To get the PhD degree students are obliged to:

  • complete the studies,
  • submit the dissertation,
  • pass PhD exams,
  • pass the public defense of doctoral dissertation.

Motivational Letter

Candidates need to prepare a description of their scientific interests (self-presentation) which consists of:

  • description of research interests,
  • justification for taking up the particular topic,
  • objectives of the dissertation,
  • research hypotheses,
  • research methods and techniques,
  • proposal for the dissertation plan,
  • literature.

Personal interview

Candidates are required to participate in a Skype interview, which is arranged with the contact person by email. The Skype interview will be based on the previously submitted self-presentation. The aim of the interview is to verify:

  • the subject of research interests,
  • candidate's predisposition to undertake studies preparing for scientific work,
  • English language competence.