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For years, our University has been involved in charitable campaigns throughout the Lodz region, as well as the country. Our Students and employees join in such actions as student blood collections, helping hospices and orphanages. In 2021, on the initiative of the Vice-Rector, Prof. Zofia Patory-Wysocka, a project called SANCharity was initiated. The aim of the project is, among other things, to organize charity events, as well as to support SAN Students facing cancer or other serious illnesses.

One of the components of the campaign is the sale of the publication "Color of Memories" dedicated to Prof. Muzachim Al-Noorachi, who died in February 2021.


Professor Muzahim Al-Noorachi was a unique person. To honor his memory, the book Colors of Memories - In memoriam Muzahim Abdul Al-Noorachi 1940-2021 was prepared and published. The intention of the book was to introduce the Professor's profile as a member of our academic community and an extraordinary person. He was an uncommon person, an Iraqi by descent and a Pole by choice. He was an intellectual, a scientist, a teacher, a mentor, a good spirit and a friend to students, a respected colleague and a colleague who could always be counted on.

During the years he spent at the University of Social Sciences, he served as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or Dean of the Faculty of Management, among other positions. In the memory of the academic community, he will be remembered as an exceptional lecturer, as well as a wonderful person, dedicated to his work and students. 

The book Colors of Memories - In memoriam Muzahim Abdul Al-Noorachi 1940-2021 is being sold by SAN Publishing House. The item can be purchased during the Inauguration of the Academic Year in Lodz and Warsaw, or by contacting the Publisher directly at 42 676 25 29 ext. 339,


The cost is: PLN 50.00

Supporting Students

The proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated in full to the rehabilitation of our student Paulina Telegi, who suffered a serious accident. Paulina is a student of Management at the University of Social Sciences in Lodz, she is 22 years old - a young, talented, ambitious girl who loves life. Paulina needs support in intensive and as soon as possible rehabilitation to regain full fitness, but the cost of rehabilitation is very high. The collection is also being conducted on

Charitable activities of students of the School of Social Sciences

As the University of Social Sciences, we are involved in many initiatives to draw attention to the geopolitical situation of our country as well as the world. Since February 2022, we are all focused on the problem that is the war in Ukraine. From the very beginning of the conflict across the eastern border, citizens of our country have been involved in aid initiatives for those fleeing the country of aggression.

The community of our University, is also actively involved in organizing projects, cooperating with institutions and individuals for whom human rights and security are fundamental values. We are open to the other person, regardless of country of origin or other cultural barriers, so we build a space free of intolerance and division. We create a place for dialogue and enable students to exchange their views and shape the character of those studying with us. Students at our university take an active part in various volunteers and organizations that support people in need.

In cooperation with Marina Hulia, intercultural coordinator at the University of Social Sciences, students and faculty take an active part in various events aimed at helping refugees and providing ongoing support during difficult times for them. Most of these events are shared and reported on Facebook.



 On the first day of the war in Ukraine, 24.02.2022, our students, together with Marina Hulia, took part in the Freedom Concert. The event aimed to unite with the Ukrainian people and show as much support as possible in this difficult time for them.

Emphasizing how important interculturalism is to us, in cooperation with Marina Hulia, we organized an event called "Going to war-with peace." During the meeting, together with students from other countries, we were able to learn more broadly about the meaning of the words "refugee" and "wandering." Together we learned the most important lesson from this event- together with others we can build peace in the world and establish friendly relations and have fun.

Seeing how important it is to help, already on March 6, 2022, in Lara Gessler's studio, students of the University of Social Sciences together with Moms from Brest Station prepared meals for refugees from Ukraine. As a university, we wanted to show support for those fleeing war zones. They were able to eat hot meals prepared by the students and talk to our students.

Another event in which our students participated was held in Opole. Together with young activists, we created a hate-free zone. Our goal was to show that it is worth building ties between different nationalities, even if we come from different countries. SAN students excelled in showing unity, while emphasizing how important and better the world is without national divisions.

On the occasion of the Easter holidays on 21.04.2022, we organised a festive dinner for international students at the Dormitory of the Social Academy of Sciences. The event was attended by the Director of the Ombudsman's Office, Mr Andrzej Stefański. Traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine were served on the table.

Participants could also listen to a concert by saxophonist Nikita from Belarus, and the festive atmosphere could already be felt during the preparations. The event was organised to show support for refugees from Ukraine, for whom Easter is a very important holiday. The students felt a sense of unity, even though they were not at the same table with their family members.


In an effort to educate young students on such an important and topical issue as helping your fellow man, a lecture was held at our University in June by Marina Hulia entitled. "On wise helping: volunteering for people in need".



In October, on the occasion of 'Halloween', we organised a meeting with children and families from Chechnya. The event was held at the SAN dormitory. The participants were in good spirits. We danced together and taught the youngest citizens of Chechnya through play. Thanks to the event, we helped the families find their way in our country.



Recently at the SAN dormitory, we took another initiative and created an art studio where our students created, using crepe paper and coloured paper, colourful works. The whole event was aimed at enriching the time of Ukrainian orphans who were evacuated from Odessa and found their temporary home, in a hotel near Warsaw. Our volunteers tried to support the Ukrainian children as much as possible and help with the art workshops organised for them.

The University of Social Sciences is involved in many initiatives with the idea of protecting human rights. For our students, a sense of security and unity are values without which the modern world cannot function. The outbreak of war in Ukraine has reinforced in us the need to help and support others, above all those fleeing war zones. We show that they are not left without help and can always count on our helping hand.


For more information, please visit the Facebook page of the University of Social Sciences

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We would like to invite all SAN Students and Staff to get involved in SANCharity. If you would like to create a charity project, organise a blood donation or have your own ideas on how to help those in need, please contact us at