The Business Council

The Business Council

The Business Council of the Warsaw Branch of the University of Social Sciences is a gathering of representatives of the business environment with representatives of the University. The main objectives of the Business Council's functioning, are first and foremost to create conditions for the exchange of knowledge, to initiate joint scientific and implementation projects and to provide knowledge of the latest scientific results.

The Business Council has sections for courses related to:

  • social sciences
  • arts and humanities
  • medical
  • Engineering and technical

The Business Council performs the following specific tasks:

  • reviewing the scope and forms of cooperation with the socio-economic environment and recommending measures to intensify cooperation with socio-economic actors
  • verification of curricula with regard to the needs of the socio-economic environment
  • verification of directional and subject-related effects in terms of competences required on the labour market
  • recommending new fields of study/specialisations to be launched
  • advising on market analyses aimed at supporting graduates in the labour market
  • creating conditions for directing University of Social Sciences students and graduates to internships and placements in companies with which Business Council members are associated
  • content-related support for the graduation process (participation in the development of thesis topics)

The objectives of the Business Council include:

  • creating conditions for knowledge exchange, initiating joint scientific and implementation projects
  • providing knowledge on the latest practices in professional sectors related to the fields of study at University of Social Sciences
  • support activities improving the quality of education
  • working out mechanisms for establishing and developing cooperation between employers, identifying and removing barriers and difficulties in establishing cooperation 

Members of the Business Council of the Warsaw Branch of the University of Social Sciences

Jakub Robel

Doctor of Social Sciences. He holds a master's degree in International Economic Relations and a master's degree in Management and Marketing from the School of Economics


He started his career in real estate as a Commercial Real Estate Specialist in the so-called "Big Four" consulting firms of the world, i.e. EY (formerly ERNST & YOUNG). He was involved in providing comprehensive services to real estate operators starting from the investment preparation phase, through the implementation and management of the property and ending with the effective exit of the investment.


Later, already as an Investment and Leasing Specialist, he gained experience with the real estate consultancy DTZ Polska (now Cushman & Wakefield).

He then decided to realise his own plans and ambitions by becoming the head of the newly formed 5th Avenue Holding S.A. capital group.

"Practice above all else" is the name and the main idea behind the Job Fair that we organised with friends while studying at the School of Economics. The Business Council of the University of Social Sciences is the ideal place to put this idea into practice. All so that Practitioners can share with Students the experience they have gained in the market."- Jakub Robel

Radosław Szafranowicz-Małozięć

Adrian Markiewicz

Justyna Kurek