Account numbers

Account numbers

Registration fee:

  • UE citizens and other countries* : 100 PLN 
  • Non-UE citizens : 100 EUR 

Entry fee, promotion "Early Bird"

  • UE citizens and other countries* : 400 PLN 0 PLN
  • Non-UE citizens : 70 EUR 0 EUR

*The group of citizens of other countries paying at EU rates include citizens of the following countries: Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Payments of the application fee must be made in PLN vs Euro (depending on the currency in which the cost of studies is given for each group).
Application fee is paid once and it is non refundable in case of resignation for the program or visa refusal.

The account numbers given below are NOT FOR DORMITORY!

Bank Account Number

(only payments in PLN)

Bank PKO BP S.A.
I O/Centrum w Łodzi
Nr: 71 1020 3352 0000 1502 0075 7005
IBAN: PL71 1020 3352 0000 1502 0075 7005

Bank Account Number

(payments only  in EURO)

Bank PKO BP S.A.
IBAN: PL78 1440 1231 0000 0000 0715 9641
Bank account holder Spoleczna Akademia Nauk
9 Sienkiewicza St., 90-113 Lodz, Poland

Application fee (passport number) name and surname of Candidate

Please make sure that you include the remarks in the payment transaction. Otherwise the payment may not get properly processed.