Transfer from another university

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Those who are currently studying and would like to change university or have studied at another university and wish to resume their studies may apply for admission (transfer) to University of Social Sciences (UoSS) for a higher semester of study.

  • A student (holder of Student Rights), who has completed at least the first semestr of study may apply for transfer,
  • a student who has completed at least the first semester of study but does not have student rights (has been removed from the student list) may also apply for admission to the higher semester,
  • applications for transfer or admission to a higher semester of study may be submitted before the start of each semester of the current academic year,
  • the decision to accept is made by the Dean: dr Anna Maria Migdał Branch Campus Manager - Warsaw
STEP I – preliminary veryfication

Initial verification is done by providing the current course of study to the appropriate UoSS Dean, who is in charge of serving students of the chosen course.

The course card, together with information on the number of semesters passed, should be taken from the University where the training took place and delivered to the dean of UoSS in person or in the form of a scan to the Dean's e-mail address given below.

STEP II – admission decision

The decision to accept a student for the higher or current semestr of study is made by the Dean:

  • denotes the semester / year of study to which the student may transfer,
  • determines any program differences and determines the time limit for them to be passed.
STEP III – submission of documents

Those who pass the initial verification will be asked to submit a set of required documents to the Dean's Office.

Necessary documents:

  • previous course of study in the original (drawn up by the University in which the student is studying / studying) containing information on: subjects completed by the student (including number of hours, forms of classes, forms of credit, ECTS credits) and periods of study, name of the course in which the student has studied / studied
  • original certificate of maturity for inspection + photocopy (for college admissions and Master’ś degrees)
  • original diploma and supplement (Bachelor, Engineer or Master’ś) for inspection + photocopy (for admissions to secondary education)
  • 1 photo in ID format
  • identity document for inspection
  • confirmation of payment of the entry fee in case of admission to higher semesters of studies in the amount of PLN 400

The application fee must be paid for one of the University’s bank account (information on webpage)

Those approved for admission to the higher or current semester of study shall pay fees in accordance with the annual fee rules.


Application fee

  • for European Union citizens - 400 PLN
  • for Ukraine and Belarus citizens - 400 PLN
  • for Polish residence card holders - 400 PLN
  • for non-EU citizens - €150

Payments of the application fee must be made in PLN vs Euro (depending on the currency in which the cost of studies is given for each group).Application fee is paid once and it is non refundable in case of resignation for the program or visa refusal.


Bank Account Number

(only payments in PLN)

Bank PKO BP S.A.
I O/Centrum w Łodzi
Nr 71 1020 3352 0000 1502 0075 7005

Bank Account Number

(payments only  in EURO)

Bank PKO BP S.A.
IBAN: PL78 1440 1231 0000 0000 0715 9641
Bank account holder Spoleczna Akademia Nauk
9 Sienkiewicza St., 90-113 Lodz, Poland

Application fee (passport number) name and surname of Candiudate

Please make sure that you include the remarks in the payment transaction. Otherwise the payment may not get properly processed.