Free workshop for students | Coaching: a Buzzword or a Life Changing Tool? | 17th of June 2021

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We invite you to a free workshop for students: Coaching: a Buzzword or a Life Changing Tool? Online workshop on how you can use coaching tools and coaching style communication in your life.

The classes are aimed at everybody wishing to:

  • know more about coaching: what professional coaching is, what coaching is not (but is often mistaken for), how it can be helpful;
  • use auto-coaching techniques for self-development (broadening self-awareness, defining your goals, finding and developing your strengths, improve management of your energy levels);
  • use coaching style communication to transform your relationships (both professional and private).

If you are interested in coaching as a profession, the classes will provide a good foundation for further studying of the topic. If you need to find better tools for getting clarity and then working on your professional or private goals, you will have a chance to know a few effective auto-coaching methods that are easy to use and available without reaching for any professional support. Also, if you are curious how to make your communication with colleagues, friends and family members run more smoothly, some coaching-based principles, which will be presented during the classes, could prove useful.

Time: Thursday, the 17th of June 2021, 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm.

Maximum number of participants: 30 people

Agnieszka Janiszewska – certified life coach, trainer, philologist, writer and PhD student affiliated to The University of Lodz Doctoral School of Social Sciences. My main areas of scientific and professional interests include creativity, life coaching and self-actualization. I am experienced in running workshops on creative self-realization and creativity trainings. I have published a novel (“Woda księżycowa”) as well as a few scientific papers on creativity and self-realization. I am writing my PhD thesis on the need to create and doing research on professional artists.