International Conference POMELO "The power of voice, music and diversity" combined with workshops

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We cordially invite you to participate in a FREE international conference entitled POMELO "The Power of Voice, Music and Diversity" combined with workshops.

The theme of the conference will be to improve effective integration between migrant and local youth in the EU community, in order to improve the multicultural pathway through the implementation of innovative educational methodologies, tools and practices to ensure equal voice and opportunities for collective development in the community.

The event will take place on March 19, 2021 online.

The conference and training will be conducted in English.

As part of the event:

  • you will learn how to use music to integrate migrants,
  • effective strategies for using music in migrant language instruction will be presented,
  • you will participate in 3 workshops - "Listen, translate, learn!", "Musicking a story", "Listen!"
  • you will watch 3 Info-Games to learn how powerful Voice, Music and Diversity can be,
  • you will learn about different practices from 5 European countries: Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Greece,

The conference and workshops are addressed mainly to:

  • volunteers and trainers working with migrants and migrant youth;
  • Social workers;
  • staff of youth organizations working with migrant youth and the integration of migrants;
  • public authorities and adult education and intercultural organizations;
  • teachers, lecturers using music in teaching;
  • migrant organisations and associations;
  • staff of non-governmental organisations and organisations dealing with integration issues.

Registration can be done through the registration form at or by clicking below.