mLegitymacja for SAN students

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mLegitymacja - that is, a student ID card on your phone. This document can be activated using a QR code and an activation code received at the university (instructions below).

The mStudent ID card works just like a traditional document. By showing it on the screen of your smartphone, you confirm that you are a student and benefit from discounts and exemptions. You can also confirm your data to the user of the mVerify application. The authorised user will confirm, among other things, your name, surname and see your photo from the document in low resolution. They can also check the validity of your student mLegitimacy card.

Remember, your physical ID card must be issued and valid!


Activation of mLegitymacji in the mObywatel application

To activate mLegitymację on your smartphone you need the mObywatel app and a trusted profile (profil zaufany) installed.

  1. Download the mObywatel on your smartphone, it is available both in the App Store (iPhone) and in Google Play (Android);

  2.We configure the application according to the guidelines shown on the phone screen;

  3. Select the "+" symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the application and then select the Student ID card document (Legitymacja Studencka)

Źródło: mLegitymacja studencka - mObywatel - Portal (


  4.The app will launch the camera and ask you to scan the QR code you received from the university (in case of problems, enter the code manually);

  5. You will generate the QR code by logging on to (login with your SANet ID);

  6. After scanning the code, enter the access code you received together with the QR code and then confirm your choice;

  7. The ID card will automatically be added to the start screen of the application.


More information about the mLegitymacja: