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The publication "Wileńska prasa konspiracyjna 1939-1945" (Vilnius Conspiratorial Press 1939-1945), authored by our lecturer Dr Jacek A. Żurawski and edited by Tadeusz Skoczek, was published by the Museum of Independence in the series of publications of the Library of the Quarterly "Independence and Memory".

This work presents the realisation of scientific research devoted to the underground press in the years 1939-1945. Dr Jacek A. Żurawski, working on this research topic, relied on archival research as well as on published catalogues of the underground press. The reader, after becoming acquainted with the contents of this publication, may deepen his knowledge of: the history of Vilnius in the years 1918-1945, the Vilnius press before the fall of the Second Polish Republic, the legal Polish press (1939-1940) and the Soviet Polish-language press (1940-1941) in Vilnius, and the quantitative development of the Vilnius underground press. In addition, the author in his considerations described the publishing geography of the Vilnius underground press, as well as specific editors, printing houses, which prospered in that period.

The summary of the publication "Wileńska prasa konspiracyjna 1939-1945", constitutes the last chapter of this book: "Analysis of the content of the Vilnius conspiratorial press". In it, the author presents, among other things, the role of the conspiratorial press in the life of the occupied society, Polish-Lithuanian relations and the fight against Nazi and communist propaganda by means of civil war in the pages of the previously discussed press.