Finance and Accounting

About the program

This programme is designed for motivated and passionate individuals with a clear vision to pursue international careers in finance and accounting. Studies in finance and accounting are offered for those interested in jobs related to financial and accounting services in the private, public and third sectors, as well as in banking and tax services. Due to the dynamic development of the financial and accounting services market, additionally driven by the outsourcing centers located in Poland that provide services to global companies, the demand for accountants, financial and tax advisors as well as financial controllers is significantly increasing. In this Programme, finance and accounting studies are characterized by a wide range of practical classes, and thanks to cooperation with the socio-economic environment, they enable students to gain professional knowledge, capabilities, and experience that allow them to get an interesting and well-paid job.

In this programme, students will acquire knowledge in, among other subjects, basic accounting, financial accounting, cost accounting, corporate finance, public finance, financial markets, banking, insurance, financial calculation and analysis, ethics in business, corporate social responsibility, international accounting, corporate and business law, behavioural accounting, intercultural management. In this Programme students will develop a broad understanding of business activity in the field of tools and methods of finance and accounting, and how to apply them to real business situations involving management and decision-making. In this programme we highly emphasise the linkage of theoretical concepts with their real-world applications.



Accounting and Financial Analysis

Main Subjects:

  • Performance Measurement
  • Fundamentals of tax accounting
  • Accounting in managerial decision making
  • Behavioral accounting and finance
  • Advanced financial analysis
  • Virtual enterprise

Who the program is addressed to?

This programme is dedicated to highly motivated, ambitious students ready to study in a highly international and culturally diverse environment and are ready to gain and expand their knowledge in the field of finance and accounting. The programme is aimed to prepare students for their future professional careers in the challenging and rapidly changing world of finance and accounting.


  • Programme adjusted to the dynamically changing labour market,
  • An emphasis on learning through practice,
  • Staff with academic achievements and experience in business practice,
  • Classes using modern practical solutions and specialised software,
  • Wide employment opportunities.