Management and quality sciences

Description and objectives of the seminar

The seminar is addressed to people who intend to develop their knowledge in the field of research methodology in the field of management and quality sciences and to prepare and defend a doctoral dissertation. The doctorate is a valuable asset not only in research work, but also in business and consulting, public administration, and politics. For people planning an academic career the PhD degree is a necessary stage of development, and allows business practitioners and consulting experts to stand out in the industry.

The University of Social Sciences has been authorized to confer doctoral degrees in management and quality sciences since 2006. Meeting the need for continuous improvement of qualifications and bearing in mind that the Master's degree education has become so popular that it does not allow even the best-prepared graduate to stand out, our university has been offering a doctoral seminar since 2008. The seminar prepares students for the doctoral degree in the field of management and quality See the SAN doctoral procedure regulations.

The objective of the 2-year doctoral seminar is to prepare the participants for independent scientific work, the result of which will be a doctoral dissertation and obtaining the PhD degree in social sciences in the field of management and quality sciences. Seminar graduates receive a postgraduate diploma in the field of: "Doctoral seminar: Research methodology in management and quality sciences".

The curriculum of the seminar allows for the development of competences in the use of scientific methods to solve problems and the ability to organize scientific research, as well as preparation for the development of the professional career path. This happens, among others, through classes in the methodology of qualitative and quantitative research, creating research papers and workshops on creating scientific publications. In addition, the curriculum includes a specialization block, under which the students can develop their individual scientific interests and prepare doctoral dissertations on selected scientific issues related to management. An individual approach ensures comfortable conditions for the development of qualifications.

The doctoral seminar at the Social Academy of Sciences provides excellent conditions for the development of knowledge and provides a staff of outstanding professors with many years of experience as a supervisor.

The procedures leading to the doctoral degree are carried out on the basis of the paragraph 197 of the Act of July 20, 2018 Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws 2018, item 1668, as amended) in the extramural mode. See SAN doctoral procedure.

Seminar graduates the profile of the graduate

The graduate of the PhD seminar in management and quality sciences is characterized by:

  • knowledge of the most important issues and problems of management and quality sciences;
  • ability to critically understand knowledge and its practical use to describe and analyze research problems, as well as the ability to organize scientific research in the area of organization;
  • ability to develop and implement complex projects aimed at effective solving of research issues;
  • proficiency and clarity in expressing the research views and their unambiguous presentation and consultation among specialists;
  • understanding professional and social obligations of a graduate of studies in the field of social sciences.

PhD coordinator