SARS-COV-2- important informations

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Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic all higher education institutions in Poland have either suspended classes or switched to the remote mode of teaching.

Please find below a list of the newest official announcements by the Polish Governmental Authorities:

Government of Poland:

Chief Sanitary Inspectorate: (in Polish)

Ministry of Higher Education and Science: (in Polish)

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange:

The Polish Ministry of Public Health has launched a hotline (in Polish and English- for all those wish to know more about potential treatment options, shall the necessity arise: 800-190-590 (for English press “6”).

We are asking all of you to take simple, common-sense precautions to avoid close contact with large gatherings of people, as if you would with other flu viruses, take special care of your personal hygiene and remember about washing your hands for at least 30 seconds each time.