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We invite you to a series of open lectures conducted by SAN professors.  

We have also prepared webinars in English regarding the field of Management and English Study. 

After signing up for the webinar, on the day of the event - you will receive an activation link to the online meeting. 

During which the lecturer will not only present the selected issue, but also answer all questions. 

[21.04.2020] Disaster Management - Introduction and Hazard Types [IN ENGLISH]

21.04.2020 godz. 13.00 - dr Katarzyna Wodniak Disaster Management - Introduction and Hazard Types

Description of the webinar:

This lecture will introduce the discipline of disaster management together with its main concepts as well as trends in the field. It will also discuss the types of hazards that contemporary societies are exposed to. 

[23.04.2020] Contemporary translator's competences and machine translation [IN ENGLISH]

23.04.2020 godz. 16.00 - dr Adam Bednarek - Contemporary translator's competences and machine translation

Description of the webinar:

The days when classic text editors, such as Word, were used in the translation process are gone. Files received from customers may have different formats. Currently clients provide the whole web content as well as collections of text chains extracted from software source code. Global communication systems increase translation output and ensure quality. Anotgher crucial aspect is cultural competence among contemporary translators. The topic will focus on the marriage of traditional skills with hi-tech know-how aspects of translation in an ever changing market.

Webinars are conducted in an open form, which means that participation is available for both SAN Students and external persons. Online meetings will be conducted through the ZOOM platform

On the day of the webinarparticipants will receive an activation link to live streaming in ZOOM.